Will TMS Affect My Personality?

Will TMS Affect My Personality

There are several reasons that someone might require TMS treatment, whether you’ve got Autism or you’re one of the 300 million people that suffer from depression. One of the most common questions asked when it comes to TMS therapy is, “will TMS affect my personality?”

We understand that it can be scary not having the answers, and it’s for that reason, we’ve created a brief guide that will give you the peace of mind you need to move forward with your therapy.

What is NeuroStar TMS?

TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation and is a treatment that the FDA has cleared for use in treatment-resistant depression. TMS may be prescribed after medications and talk therapy have been unsuccessful in lowering your depressive symptoms.

TMS is a non-invasive procedure that uses repetitive magnetic pulses to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. These magnetic fields create electrical currents in parts of the brain associated with mood, allowing the treating clinician to target depression at the source.

How Does NeuroStar TMS Work?

NeuroStar TMS therapy requires a machine such as Neurostar to perform TMS treatments. Imagine a dental hygienist chair with the technology of an MRI machine. The chair reclines to a comfortable position to provide maximum comfort while the session is being performed.

During treatment sessions, you will have a coil placed on your scalp near the forehead area. Once positioned, the machine will begin delivering electromagnetic pulses that will help stimulate the area of the brain, whose function is to control your mood.

The theory is that the treatment will help stimulate the brain areas showing a reduction in brain activity. As the treatment is conducted, the hope is that it will help improve the symptoms a person may be experiencing and increase their mood.

Sides Effects of NeuroStar TMS

When you’re undergoing this type of therapy, there are some side effects that you may begin to experience. The first and most common side effect is a headache.

Depending on where you are in your treatment plan, your headaches may vary in severity from mild to severe. Another side effect of the treatment is irritation of the scalp.

If you continue to experience this kind of irritation, you might want to reduce the pulses’ strength delivered to your head.

Will NeuroStar TMS Affect My Personality?

We understand that one of the biggest fears you have is experiencing changes to your personality. NeuroStar TMS therapy won’t change your personality or alter it in any way.

What this therapy will do is help to stabilize your mood. The treatment can help to start the neurotransmitters responsible for balancing your mood. Think of the five-factor model of personality when considering the benefits of TMS.

Some of the benefits you stand to gain include:

  • Increase in energy
  • Improved levels of motivation
  • Better concentration

These are just a few of the benefits that we have to share with you when you seek this form of treatment.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy

Are you ready to seek treatment but don’t know of a provider with the services you need? Contact Pelorus TMS.

Not only do we offer TMS services, but we have a skilled staff that can answer any questions you might have surrounding this form of treatment.

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